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With the aid of a clean diet, you can really get your abdominal muscles to pop by routinely performing core exercises. The first step to beautiful abs is to eat plenty of lean protein, veggies, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates so that your fat will be obliterated. I’m not going to lie to you and say these exercises alone will create awesome abs because it’s essential you first nail a clean nutrition plan!

Second, to get abs that “pop” you need to train them in order to strengthen the muscles. There are 5 exercises for your core that can help this process, alongside core exercises that already require abdominal work such as deadlifts, squats and pull-ups.

When performing any exercise, keep your core engaged, but especially keep it contracted during these awesome belly-blasting exercises!

1. Planks


2. V-ups

V-ups  V-ups

3. Swiss Ball Oblique Crunch

swiss ball oblique crunch  swiss ball oblique crunch

4. Medicine Ball Sit-ups

Plank  medicine ball sit-ups

5. Toe Touches

toe touches  toe touches

Try doing four of these exercises in one circuit, repeating it several times. Here’s an example workout to get you started:

Planks- Hold to failure

V-ups – 20 reps

Swiss Ball Oblique Crunch -20 reps each side

Medicine Ball Sit-ups- 20 reps

Toe Touches – 20 reps

(Repeat circuit 3 times)

This would be a great way to start your workout or to finish a grueling cardio session! Make those abs work as hard as you work in the kitchen so that you can really show off your progress!


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