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Gym Spotlight, Brenham Fitness

How were you introduced to Top Trainer and why did you decide to partner with them?

We were introduced to Top Trainer thanks to representative Chris Kroese, who happen to be driving through our small town of Brenham, Texas, and decided to pay us a visit. Initially, I was not available, but Chris was able to peak the interest of one our managers, resulting in a follow up meeting in which Chris sat us all down to discuss not only the product, but a very detailed plan of attack of how to train up our staff, educate our members and assure we were set up for success. From there I was able to get my core staff together to make a trip to Austin and pay a visit to the rest of the Top Trainer team, so I could make sure my staff as a whole was educated and on board with bringing the product into our clubs. The folks at Top Trainer were not only available, but anxious to help us feel comfortable and ready to launch this product. So, it was not only the quality of the product (which is very high), but also the quality of the people at Top Trainer that put us over the edge in deciding to form a partnership.


What benefit has this partnership brought to your business?

In the months leading up to meeting Chris, our supplement sales were the lowest they had been in recent years. Much of this was due to the fact that we simply could not mark down our products to match or beat the prices offered by larger retail stores in our area. Since the implementation of Top Trainer we have consistently tripled our monthly supplement sales numbers from previous years. This partnership has acted as a catalyst in not only improving out bottom line, but also re-energizing our staff and increasing our overall ancillary sales substantially.


What benefit has this partnership brought to your members?

The partnership with Top Trainer has given our members a lot to be excited about, but even more, it has given us the chance to become more of that “one stop shop” for the health & wellness needs of our community. Fitness goals, like people, come in all shapes and sizes, and under the three Top Trainer lines (LIVE, LOSE & PERFORM), we are able to better equip our members with the tools they need to help reach and surpass their unique goals.


 How have you successfully implemented Top Trainer at your club?

For us, successful implementation simply came down to two things: assuring we had buy in from management, trainers and regular staff, and staying on top of our front desk staff to make sure we are educated and able to answer any questions our members may have regarding the Top Trainer product. We have seen success early and still have room to grow in our own education and sales tactics.


What else can you tell club owners about the benefits of working with Top Trainer?

Top Trainer has helped us get back on course to truly being a source of knowledge for the health and wellness of our community. The numbers that are piling up from clubs who have implemented Top Trainer speak for themselves, they are changing the game of supplement sales inside of fitness centers and have been a catalyst of change for our ancillary sales, period.

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Gym Spotlight, Brenham Fitness

Top Trainer has helped us get back on course to truly being a source of knowledge for the health and wellness of our community. Read More ›

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