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The gym & health club business becomes more competitive every year. While more and more clubs are popping up, facilities aren’t seeing the amount of club membership sign-ups as years past.  In a changing marketplace it’s important to be creative in your marketing and differentiate yourself from the competition. How you advertise and market your club, can create action and also showcase your unique selling points (USP) to increase sales and get your members better results.  This approach does just that!

Creative Offers with Urgency.  Don’t Discount, Add Value!

Always advertise with an expiration date or a limited number of your special offer.  Many clubs will offer discounts with success, but instead of a membership discount try the approach of offering a taste of other services or products you offer for FREE. 

An example is to offer a FREE Fitness Evaluation, FREE Total Body Cleanse supplement and/or 1 FREE week of Group Classes for the first 50 memberships.  Instead of taking money away from your business through a discount, it’s advantageous to provide FREE added value, while introducing other products and services that get members better results and opportunity for add-on sales.

A Fitness Evaluation will help build a deeper connection to the client, identifying their goals and ultimately allowing you to better serve them.  A FREE Total Body Cleanse, introduces them to your Supplement offerings, where you can introduce them to a more complete supplement regimen that is catered towards their goals.  A FREE week of group classes introduces them to a new atmosphere of fitness that they may not have tried and known that is a good fit for them. 

It’s important to create external urgency with any promotion a gym provides. An easy way to implement this is by putting an expiration date on the offer, or limiting it to say “The 1st 50 memberships receive a FREE Fitness Evaluation, FREE Total Body Cleanse, & FREE Week of Group Classes.”  First come, first serve for example.

Standing out from the competition within the fitness industry is never easy. Being creative, showcasing your unique offerings and with the right tactics, any club owner can increase sales and help their members get great results.


Written by Eric Wiedel, Founder of TopTrainer.  TopTrainer provides gyms & health clubs across the country an exclusive supplement line with support of the 4 P’s that drive meaningful Profit.  Product. Promotion. Process. People. The TopTrainer Challenge packages and system are 10x-ing Health Clubs & Gyms supplement sales across the country.  Learn more and register to get FREE Product and Marketing Signage at

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Increase Gym Membership Sales & Total Sales

How you advertise and market your club, can create action and also showcase your unique selling points (USP) to increase sales and get your members better results. This approach does just that! Read More ›