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For Gym Owners, Independent Personal Trainers & FitPros Only

If you’re interested in helping others to reach their health & fitness goals, while making extra money every month, then we have an opportunity for you!

How it works!

-Once approved you will receive an email with your custom Sticky Url (User Name) Example:

-You MUST use your affiliate link in order to be credited for a sale. Send out your link and whenever someone clicks on it they will trigger a “sticky Url” which will then turn into your commission if that person purchases. They become your client for life!

-Whenever you refer a person to the Top Trainer website that person’s IP address is tagged with what is called a “sticky cookie.” This means that any products that person purchases (product must be eligible for commision) after their initial contact will be credited to your affiliate account.

-If you get a person to sign up for a recurring payment subscription you will receive credit for that subscription as long as they pay even if a different affiliate refers them to a new product.

-There is no cap on commissions earned. You will keep earning commission as long as you keep referring paying customers.

-Access to Affiliate Dashboard–Here you can see all sales, payouts and referrals. You can also view the TopTrainer social media marketing assets to use on all social media or print materials. 

Commission Payouts



on sales up to $1,999/month generated as an affiliate



on sales between $2,000 – $4,999/month generated as an affiliate



on sales over $5,000/month generated as an affiliate

Affiliate Program Application