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Our blog articles are carefully curated and written by some of our own trainers, the Top Trainer staff, and experts nationwide.

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Gym Spotlight, Thrive Fitness

Gym Spotlight, Thrive Fitness

“I feel very comfortable talking to my members about this product because I take it myself. The revenue that Top Trainer has produced for my club has been spectacular. My profits for supplement sales have increased by over 38 percent over the last 12 months.”
-Shane J. Read More ›

Positivity – The Key Ingredient to Consistency

Anytime you try to break or form a new habit, you may go through a period of time where the transition feels tough. Some habits are very easily formed, like stopping for fast food on the way home from work. Or maybe your bad habit is sleeping in too late because your schedule allows it. Whatever it is, eventually we all hit a point where we realize that habit must change for our own good. Read More ›

Finding Your Niche in Fitness

Beginning a new fitness regime can be an ultimately confusing task with so many options available. It’s easy to get involved in an activity simply because it’s comfortable and you’re not sure what other options you have. If you dread your workouts, you may need to branch out and explore other topics of interest – Read on! Read More ›

Top 10 Vegetable Superfoods

Everyone knows how important it is to eat your veggies, but too many people get stuck in their routine of carrot sticks and iceberg lettuce salads, missing out on the benefits that a variety of vegetables will provide. Optimize your nutritional intake by adding these 10 super veggies to your regular diet. Read More ›