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But Don’t Take Our Word For It, Here’s What Other People Have Been Saying About TopTrainer

 Shane J. | Thrive Fitness | Monroe, WA

“I feel very comfortable talking to my members about this product because I take it myself. The revenue that Top Trainer has produced for my club has been spectacular. My profits for supplement sales have increased by over 38 percent over the last 12 months.”

Nathan B. | Anytime Fitness | Cedar Park, TX

Top Trainer not only helps members reach their full potential, it also helps trainers with another source of income. Ever since switching to TopTrainer we have increased our supplement sales dramatically.  Not only does that mean increase revenue, but happier and healthier members.

Jim B. | Brenham Fitness | Brenham, TX

Since the implementation of TopTrainer we have consistently tripled our monthly supplement sales numbers from previous years. This partnership had acted as a catalyst in not only improving our bottom line, but also re-energizing our staff and increasing our overall ancillary sales substantially.

Anthony D. | P-Town Fitness | Plymouth NE

Working with TopTrainer has been a super simple, profitable business within our gym business. The quality products, the marketing and the customer service are spectacular. That and the fact that they are loyal to Gyms, not the mass market, makes doing business with TopTrainer a no-brainer.

Better Supplements | Better Model | Better Profits

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Increase Gym Membership Sales & Total Sales

How you advertise and market your club, can create action and also showcase your unique selling points (USP) to increase sales and get your members better results.  This approach does just that!

Use Supplements to Rock Your Gym!

Walk into any gym in the country and you’ll see brightly colored canisters and bottles of “extreme” powders and “octane” capsules to help you get the most out of your workout. There seems to be an endless supply of possibilities, but as a gym owner how do you decide what to stock?

Gym Spotlight | Thrive Fitness

What benefit has this partnership brought to your business?

First and foremost, the profits. The mark ups on these products are about 20 percent higher than that of traditional supplements that I used to carry in my fitness center.