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Gym Spotlight, P-Town Fitness

October 20, 2020

Gym spotlight, P-Town Fitness

Anthony D.

1. How were you introduced to Top Trainer and why did you decide to partner with them?

2 of the owners of P-Town Fitness previously owned a well known supplement store and were introduced to Eric Weidel. When Robin and Anthony left the supplement business to move to their home town and open up a gym, it was an obvious choice to partner with Eric and Chris to bring Top Trainer to our members. Knowing what was put into Top Trainer and the mission behind Top Trainers ultimate goal, we know the partnership would be a huge success for us and our members.


2. What benefit has this partnership brought to your business?

Top Trainer has been a huge sales drive for our Smoothie Shop that we have attached to our gym. We use the protein in our fruit smoothies, which is a top selling product. Having Top Trainer has helped launch sales by bringing people in to our coffee/smoothie shop. Members of ours try the supplements and give their personal testimonies to non-members, and that alone brings in sales. Being located in a small town, personal testimony is key, good product +good testimonies= Drive in Sales!!!


3. What benefit has this partnership brought to your members?

Our members love Top Trainer supplements, a few of their favorites include the Torch System, The Ultimate Weight Loss Package, Cr-Power and N.O. Pump. These products have really helped boost our customer’s weight loss goals. They feel more active and confident. They love that they can quick grab a protein smoothie post workout and it is an easy recovery that reaps many benefits. The combination of a great workout and supplements is what keeps our members staying positive about their health and fitness goals.


4. How have you successfully implemented Top Trainer at your club?

One on One sit down consultations have been our biggest success. Our members love that they are not just a sale to us, but that we are willing to meet, sit down and really listen to what their goals are. They love that we are so knowledgeable about our product, and thanks to Top Trainers sales tools, we are able to know the products well. Personal testimonies from employees and members and using those as sales tools have also been successful, running 20% Off Monthly deals for members builds interest in our product and allows us to sample out supplements to bring people back for more. Being able to combine products in kits is also a large factor in our sales, the combination of supplements help achieve members goals by working together to get results, and when members see results they come in and re-stock on those supplements to keep the momentum going.


5. What else can you tell club owners about the benefits of working with Top Trainer?

Working with Top Trainer is a super simple add on to your business. They give you all the marketing tools you need to boost sales. A Top Trainer employee is always available with a quick phone call or e-mail question. They lay out what each product contains and the benefits of it really well, which makes your job selling it so much easier. Selling Top trainer was a no brainer for our gym, it contains healthy ingredients and having a good product easily sells itself.


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