10 Tips for Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Medically Reviewed by: Dr. Ben Rawson

Dr. Ben Rawson, DO is trained in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He is a current Tri-Athlete and loves running.

After giving birth, many women become concerned about losing their baby weight. While you will naturally shed some pounds, it may take some time for you to completely slim down. The key is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are 10 tips for losing weight after pregnancy.

10 Tips For Losing Weight After Pregnancy

1. Avoid Skipping Meals

Caring for an infant can be a busy job. Some moms develop a habit of skipping meals. However, this actually proves to be counterproductive when it comes to losing weight. Ideally, you should be eating around five small meals a day.

2. Eat Breakfast

Many experts consider breakfast to be the most important meal of the day. It jumpstarts your metabolism, thus helping you to burn more calories. If you avoid breakfast, expect your energy levels to drop.

3. Avoid Fried Foods

The majority of fried foods tend to be bad for your long-term health. They also contain higher amounts of saturated fat, which can make it more difficult to lose weight. The best approach is to consume broiled and baked foods.

4. Limit Sugar Consumption

There’s nothing wrong with eating an occasional cookie. However, try to limit the amount of sweets in your postpartum diet. Sugar can be quite fattening. To find out whether a product is high in sugar, simply read its nutrition facts label.

5. Replace Fruit Juice With Whole Fruit

Fruit juice often contains a lot of concentrated calories. Because whole fruit has more fiber, it’s a better option. As you may know, fiber helps you to feel fuller for longer periods of time.

6. Drink Enough Fresh Water

When it comes to losing weight after pregnancy, it’s essential that you drink enough fresh water. Not only is water a natural appetite suppressant, but it also increases calorie burning. Most importantly, water keeps you invigorated by preventing dehydration. Keep a bottle of water on standby at all times.

7. Choose Healthy Snacks

If you’re craving a quick snack, be sure to make healthy choices. Apple slices, celery sticks with tzatziki dip, trail mix, and Greek yogurt are all great picks.

8. Stay Active

Upon being cleared for exercise by your doctor, it’s time to start your postpartum workout routine. Staying active will definitely help you to regain your previous figure. Even simple activities, such as walking and wall push-ups, can make a big difference. You can eventually move on to more intense exercise sessions.

9. Take Your Time When Eating

Fast eating can hurt your weight loss goals. When people quickly gulp down food, they often end up overeating. To avoid taking in too many calories, the best approach is to slow down. Remember, it takes at least 20 minutes to feel full once you start eating.

10. Sleep As Much As Possible

We all know that a new baby can keep you up at night. However, it’s important for you to get some quality sleep when possible. Researchers have found that a lack of sleep can make losing weight after pregnancy more difficult.


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