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Carb Shield™

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Top Trainer’s Carb Shield™ is a powerful fat & carb blocker. This stimulant free formula will also help satisfy your hunger while eating smaller portions.

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Carb Shield™


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Weight Loss • Blocking Carbs & Fats • Appetite Control







Stimulant Free


Soy Free


Gluten Free


Dairy Free

Carb Shield™ is a diet saving formula intended to be taken when you know you are going to stray from your diet. Whether it’s a dinner date, holiday meal or your weekly cheat day, don’t feel guilty. Carb Shield™ gives you a pass from your diet discipline.
CarbShield™ Key Weight Loss Ingredients:

White Kidney Beans

Aids in weight loss.
Helps you feel full longer.
Curbs hunger cravings.


Attracts fat and binds it to the intestinal wall for elimination.
Great for weight reduction.
Helps lower cholesterol.


Regulates blood sugar spikes.
When less sugar is stored as fat, this translates to better weight loss.
Helps lower bad cholesterol.

Cassia Nomame

Naturally blocks the absorption of fat into your bloodstream by impairing the enzyme that makes fat breakdown possible.
Suppresses hunger & aids in fat burning.
Helps Expel excess fluids from the body.


Takes up space in stomach and promotes satiety.
Sponges up water in digestive tract reducing absorption of carbs & cholesterol.
Reduces absorption of proteins & fats.
Take 2 capsules of Carb Shield™ 30 minutes prior to eating meals containing fats and carbohydrates, with 12-16 ounces of water. CAUTION DO NOT EXCEED 6 CAPSULES DAILY.
‡ These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Have you detoxed recently?

Many people have 7-10 pounds of waste built up in their digestive system.  If you haven’t detoxed in the last 3 months, it’s time to Reset!

5 reviews for Carb Shield™

  1. Lola Schultz

    OH MY GOSH THIS IS AMAZING! I feel like I over eat all the time and never feel full…well this product is my God Send! I take it 30 min before I am going to eat and I don’t even finish my plate now! WHAT??? Seriously I’ve lost 10 pounds already and it’s only been a few weeks and I know its because I feel full before I am half way done eating. MIND BLOWN! Thank you Top Trainer for making this amazing product, it seriously has changed my entire life!

  2. Michelle Meyer

    Love these! I have been taking 2 capsules before my evening meal and have noticed I feel full and satisfied with less food. Plus, it doesn’t keep me up at night being stimulant free. Great appetite suppressant!

  3. sunnie fox

    This is my go to during the weekends! I used to worry I may over do it a bit, but now it isn’t a problem at all! It helps to control how much I consume and I end up enjoying the foods I love in smaller amounts.

  4. Denetra Blackshear

    I am an IFBB Bikini Pro and the Carb Shield has changed my prep game. I feel full for longer which makes sure I do not cheat. A Must-Have and my daily stack

  5. Arlyssa Kresin

    I’ve been taking the Carb Shield for 4 months along with the Top Trainer Weightloss Challenge and have lost 42 pounds in only 4 months! I’m part of a group of 15 people at my gym to compete and I am hoping to win this thing! The carb shield most definitely helps me with my cravings and overeating. I feel like I’ve already ate after I take them helping me to make better food choices. Love this product!

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