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Core-3 Training Stack Hardcore

$129.99 available on subscription


(1 customer review)
(1 customer review)

Attack your workout, crush your goals, get HARDCORE results with TopTrainer’s Core-3 Training Stack HARDCORE. Cut out all the excuses with Attack Hardcore Pre-Workout, BCAAs Plus, & ElitePro Grass-Fed Whey Protein.  Includes creatine, beta-alanine & high energy.  Amazing flavors & results!


Top Trainer ElitePro contains grass fed whey protein. Whey is the foundation for anyone wanting to build lean muscle or burn fat. Grass Fed Whey Protein is the healthiest and highest quality whey protein available. Using ElitePro in your diet will protect your hard-earned muscle tissues and force your body to burn fat for energy. Use ElitePro as a quick breakfast, post workout or as a healthy snack.‡

Attack Hardcore™

Top TrainerAttack Hardcore™ is pre-workout designed for the athlete, weight-lifter and bodybuilder.  Feel the tingle & feel the power with this beta-alanine & creatine MagnaPower infused supplement.

BCAAs Plus™

Top Trainer’s BCAAs Plus™ is an innovative formula with glutamine designed to take your workout and recovery up a notch so that you can get you back to your workouts at a faster rate.‡

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Core-3 Training Stack Hardcore

1 review for Core-3 Training Stack Hardcore

  1. Phil Johnson

    Had tried so many products in the past with average results but this is the first time I’ve seen the veins in my arms! I’m getting shredded and putting on a lot of mass. Very impressed by the pre-workout as well.. it tastes good but what’s most important to me is that it works well… gives me great pumps.

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