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Lean Muscle Builder Stack

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Ever feel like your hard work in the gym isn’t paying off as much as it should? Breakthrough and conquer your workouts with the Lean Muscle Builder from TopTrainer. No time better than now to increase strength, stamina, and get ripped!


Grassfed Whey Protein

Blast Stack™

Muscle Building Kit

BCAAs Plus™

BCAAs + Glutamine


Natural Testosterone Booster


Lean Muscle Builder Stack

1 review for Lean Muscle Builder Stack

  1. Matt Fraser

    I have been working out my whole adult life and I was coming to a plateau within the last year. I chalked it off to getting older but my trainer told me to try the Lean Muscle Builder Stack. I was skeptical at first but decided I definitely needed help. I am not kidding when I say I noticed a difference within my first workout. I have more endurance, more energy, more vascularity and much stronger in the gym. To be honest, my sex drive is up which took me by surprise. I love the taste of the vanilla Elite Pro and the Bcaa’s in rocket pop. I defiantly recommend this to anyone who needs a push in the gym.

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