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Torch™ is an aggressive fat burner supplement with appetite control. Expect moderate, smooth energy while you are dropping the pounds with exercise, a healthy diet & Torch™!‡

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Attacking Fat • Smooth Energy • Appetite Control • Boost Metabolism


Fat Burning Ingredients

Hours of Energy / Dose

Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Drop the Pounds!

Torch™ is a unique fat burner formula designed to help both men & women get rid of unwanted fat. How? By boosting your metabolism, controlling your appetite and infusing you with the energy to kick your motivation into high gear. Once you start seeing quicker results by using Torch™, you will have a better chance of not falling off track. If you’re ready to improve your appearance and feel great, it’s time for Torch™!


As a dietary supplement, take 1-2 capsules of Torch™ in the morning and 1-2 capsules in the afternoon, preferably with meals and a glass of water. Start with only 2 capsules daily to assess tolerance. CAUTION DO NOT EXCEED 6 CAPSULES DAILY.

‡ These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Want to drop pounds & lose inches fast!

This aggressive one-two punch attacks stubborn fat by elevating your metabolism and helping you feel satisfied with smaller portions.  The Torch System comes with a FREE Top Trainer pill box!

26 reviews for Torch™

  1. Royce Rivon

    I have tried torch, tighten and carbshield and wow my results have been unreal. I’ve went down 3 pant sizes and still losing each week. I’ve had friends notice my change and highly recommend Top Trainer products. Plus their customer services reps are awesome and very helpful. Great company and great products!

  2. Tammy C.

    Great product and amazing energy

  3. Alex Little

    Lost 15lbs so far…only 15 to go! Torch helped a ton to get over that hump.

  4. Daisy Dawn

    My gym was passing out samples and in 15 minutes I had amazing energy and left the gym feeling energized and hyped up. It stayed with me all day and I ended up buying a bottle. So glad I did. love the torch!

  5. Sammi Watson

    For my anniversary I begged my husband for the torch and tighten system and he came through. I’ve lost 18lbs so far and so excited to see how much more I will lose! sweet product!

  6. Philip P. Holmes

    Great energy that I don’t need coffee in the mornings anymore. Great product and can take on empty stomach with no problem.

  7. Jenny Burns

    I am a nurse and work nights so I needed something to keep me awake and active during my 12 hour shift. I got tired of drinking a gallon of coffee each night and decided to try the torch recommended by one of my patients. I can’t even explain how great I feel and how much energy I have during my shift. I take one at the start of my shift and then another 3-4 hours later and don’t have any issues falling asleep when I get home. Also, I don’t crave the crap from the vending machine. I definitely recommend you try it and see for yourselves.



  9. Bev S.

    Great Product! I have been taking the torch for 4 months and have reached my goal of 35 pounds weightloss! Yay for me and my skinny butt!!!

  10. Geoff Cutler

    I began taking these pills as directed about a month ago. I combine these pills with the carb shield, tighten and I use an app to track calories/carb intake. I have lost 8lbs since taking the pills, each day I step on the scale I am a pound or so lighter. It just took me a week or so to start seeing the pounds come off, so be patient! These pills have me going to the potty throughout the day, remember it’s a diuretic, but I’m accustomed to this now and the results are there, so I’ll deal with that part. It feels natural, no side effects, etc. I haven’t even exercised due to COVID I’m working all over the place and I’ve been too exhausted and am still losing. I’m very pleased. One thing I would say is it may take 24-48 hrs for you to feel the diuretic effect but it’s gonna happen and your scale will move.

  11. Amanda Lykins

    I am sick and tired of weight loss supplements that do its work in a nasty way. Meaning, yeah you lose some weight but at the expense of your comfort – super jittery days, excessive bathroom trips, mouth dryness, and the list goes on. But this one is a first! No other weight loss supplement helped me in losing weight and at the same time make me feel like a whole new person. I love how this turned me into a way more productive worker and my appetite seemed to drop, which is a good thing for a habitual snacker like me. It’s been days since I have not eaten snacks and I’m not even trying, it’s really just the way my appetite is now. I can never ask for more. Thank God for Torch!!!

  12. Tommy Newhope

    Dropped 3 pant sizes and take with the tighten product. Next going to try the Elite Pro protein that my trainer said to try.

  13. Joan Collins

    Great energy booster and curbs my appetite all day. I really like it.

  14. S.T. Franks

    Smooth energy. love it

  15. Steve K.

    I take two in the morning and two around 1PM. Energy all day long and helps me keep my physique in check.

  16. Kim Miller

    I have lost 15lbs already in 1 month!

  17. Jade Willow

    Unreal energy from the torch along with the carb shield. I’am never hungry and have so much energy to hit the gym.

  18. Macy D.

    I have taken Torch for 2 months now and have zero complaints. Great product and gives me great energy throughtout the day.

  19. Alexia G.

    Great energy throughout the day without any crash. great product


    Love it! Lost those last 5 STUBBORN pounds. FINALLY!!!


    I have been using this for 2-3 years and love it. As a fitness instructor, my job is demanding and I teach a variety of classes morning and night. Torch keeps my energy up without feeling jittery or anxious. It helps control my appetite and boosts my mood.

  22. Arlyssa Kresin

    Drop the pounds is exactly what I did!!! 42 pounds in only 4 months baby! I took the Torch at breakfast and lunch along with the Top Trainer Weight loss Challenge. I’m part of a group of 15 people at my gym to compete and I am hoping to win this thing! I think I just might!

  23. Marco Vaccarella

    Immediate results from Torch! Great energy and fat loss to sculpt your physique!

  24. Tommy Vega

    I stopped drinking coffee!!! This product gives me the perfect amount of energy without any crash. I take one in the morning and one after lunch. I love the torch!

  25. Janet Cobb

    I love the torch so much that once I forgot my morning pill and told work I wasn’t feeling good and ran home to get it lol. It gets me through the day and helps me lose weight! I take this with the Superfood, carb shield, Tighten and their shakes. Love this companies products so much!!!

  26. Denetra Blackshear

    As a IFBB Bikini Pro finding the right fat burner is important. I am very sensitive to caffeine and very wary about what I put in my body. Torch is seriously a God send. I feel more energetic, my weight is dropping consistently, and it just puts me in a better mood. I take 2 capsules 2x a day!

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