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Ultimate Weight Loss Package Plus

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Get a fresh start by cleansing your body before starting the Ultimate Weight Loss package to maximize the effectiveness!  Includes a cleanse, 1-2 Punch Fat Burning system, Appetite control and a delicious meal replacement.  

Slim Smoothie™

Meal Replacement

Torch System™

Fat Burning System

Carb Shield™

Carb & Fat Blocker


7 Day Gentle Cleanse

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Ultimate Weight Loss Package Plus

2 reviews for Ultimate Weight Loss Package Plus

  1. Jenna Fletcher

    I can’t say enough about this kit! It has been a huge part of why I was finally able to reach my weight loss goals. Wohoo! One of the best things about this is during the day I had an increase in my focus and energy soon after taking it. It lifted the morning “fog” and I’d feel positive about my day and how much I could accomplish. It curbed my appetite and helped me lose that stubborn fat! So I wanted to share with everyone that I would absolutely recommend this excellent kit!

  2. Tommy Vega

    This system has made a huge difference in my weight loss game. I was going to the gym 4 days a week and got stuck on the scale. I tried this weight loss system and it upped my game a lot! I started losing again and continuing to do so. I only have 10 pounds to go on my 50 pound journey. I will take this forever.

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