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Custom, Quality Formulations

All TopTrainer product formulas were carefully formulated over with over 3 years of research and development.  Our panel of PhD chemists, internal medicine doctors, fitness experts and industry veterans ensure top quality by sourcing the best in class ingredients and nutrients.





  • Muscle Builder Challenge

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  • TopTrainer Live Lose Perform Package

    Live. Lose. Perform. Total Package

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  • The New You Pack

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  • Lean Muscle Builder Stack

    Lean Muscle Builder Stack

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  • Ultimate Weight Loss Package Plus

    Ultimate Weight Loss Package Plus

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  • The Runner's Stack

    The Runner’s Stack

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  • Cleanse & Burn Stack

    Cleanse & Burn Stack

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  • Core-3 Training Stack Hardcore

    Core-3 Training Stack Hardcore

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  • Core-3 Training Stack

    Core-3 Training Stack

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  • The Wellness Pack

    The Wellness Pack

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  • Weight Maintenance Pack

    Weight Maintenance Pack

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  • Live Healthy Challenge

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