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  • Fit Social Life with words

    Fit Social Life

    By Madelyn M.

    Are you staying in on your Friday nights because you’re worried you may ruin a week’s worth of clean eating with one restaurant meal? Think again! Health is just as much about fun and relationships as it is about clean eating and working out! Read here to find out ways to be healthy while still having a great social life. Read More ›

  • Trust Your Personal Trainer

    Trust your Personal Trainer

    By Shanna O.

    Whether you are head-strong and determined to get fit or a newbie just looking to drop a few pounds, getting help from a trainer can be very beneficial. But knowing whom to trust and allowing yourself to be led in a new activity can be an intimidating process. Read More ›

  • Weight Lifting, Dumbbell Chest Fly, chest exercise

    Top 5 Chest Exercises

    By Madelyn M.

    Feeling like your pecks could be a little perkier? When aiming to build your chest, focus on exercises that promote maximum growth. Crush your chest with these top five peck builders! Read More ›