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Virtual Training

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Khris Ramdeen MD

Board Certified, Internal Medicine, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Safety is my number one concern and it comforts me to know that all TopTrainer products are put through extensive research and development before they are released. Also, the products are manufactured in cGMP, NSF and FDA registered facilities. There is an attention to quality that I admire. I use their products myself, recommend to my patients and will continue to in the future.

Scott Lamontagne

Lakeway, TX

I’m a TopTrainer customer for life! These are without a doubt the best products I’ve ever taken and I am proud to promote them to all my friends and family due to my 10 month transformation! TopTrainer puts all their products thru extensive research before they release on the market and you can tell by the results! I also get a personal touch with a handwritten note on my shipments, which tells me they truly care about me as a customer.

Brooke Bauer

Superior, NE

I haven’t been happy with my weight for a long time, and after giving birth to our second child, I had decided it was time to lose the baby weight from this baby AND the first. I’ve been doing the WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE along with eating smaller portions, and in the past 5 months I’ve lost 32lbs and 24.25” off my body! Once I decided that I didn’t need to see drastic results on the scale every week, then everything clicked. I started celebrating small goals. I have now lost the weight from both pregnancies and have set a new goal to get to where I was when I got married. I will continue to use the Torch, Tighten, Carb Shield, and Slim Smoothie in the rest of my weight loss journey! Thank you Top Trainer for providing such amazing products!

Travis Venniro

Owner of Revival Personal Training, PTC, NCCPT

My clients range from college athletes, professional cheerleaders, VP’s, CEO’s, soccer moms, and the retired community. Every single one of my clients take and love Top Trainer products and what they do for them! From pre-workouts to grass fed whey protein, to superfoods, non-stim fat burners, and many many more …they have it all. I trust Top Trainer and their staff. Thank you guys for the best tasting supplements that I’ve ever bought!

Brandi Moseley

Ace Certified Personal Trainer, Licensed Zumba Instructor & Figure Competitor, CPT, FNC

I’m absolutely in love with the entire TopTrainer line. I have been personally using the Torch System, Attack Hardcore, Elite Pro Protein, BCAAs, and N.O. Pump. I have noticed improvements in every training aspect from fueling my body through my entire workout, recovering and building my muscles post workout and overall stamina/endurance has most certainly increased! Highly recommend to all my clients!

Denetra Blackshear

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, IFBB BIKINI PRO

Being an IFBB Bikini Pro I have to know every little thing that goes into my system. No time for errors or mistakes. Additionally, being a Personal Trainer people always ask me which supplements to take. I trust Top Trainer because of the results it’s given me, it’s backed by doctors and I love the company’s people. It cannot get any better than that. You cannot go wrong with any of their products, don’t wait, get started today!

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