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    Custom, Quality Formulations
    All Top Trainer product formulas were carefully formulated over with over 3 years of research and development. Our panel of PhD chemists, internal medicine doctors, fitness experts and industry veterans ensure top quality by sourcing the best in class ingredients and nutrients.

    By the time our products are ready for sale they’ve been tasted and tested hundreds of times for flavor, consistency and most importantly, RESULTS.


    Practice What We Preach
    All Top Trainer staff, from our customer service reps to our warehouse manager, everyone is committed to bettering our bodies and leading healthier lives through the use of TopTrainer supplements.

    All our Gym Partners that provide Top Trainer Supplements are asked to 1st purchase a personal order for their teams. We do this for 2 reasons. #1: We know once our products are used, we create raving fans. #2: It’s critical when a gym and their staff promotes TopTrainer, they practice what they preach and can speak from personal experience.


    Built with Integrity
    All Top Trainer products include not only the best quality ingredients, but each and every product was built on value to the consumer. Many of our products will last you 6 weeks to 2 months, with efficacious dosing. Unfortunately many other supplement companies out there purposely create poor & weak doses to make it available for a cheap price and you soon realize you have to take 3 servings to get what should be just 1.

    Top Trainer® stands tall that our dosing is straightforward and built with integrity giving consumers the best value!


    Eric Wiedel has Midwest roots and they’ve been ingrained into TopTrainer. Growing up on a farm & cattle ranch outside a small town in Nebraska, taught hard work. His parents, as entrepreneurs in a small community, taught business and the importance of your word.

    Raised in a big family taught competitiveness to be the best at whatever you do. Being an accomplished multi-sport athlete taught the importance of taking care of the body and gave the inspiration to enter the world of health and fitness.

    Eric is now a veteran in the Health & Fitness Industry specializing in Supplements since 2001.

    His career path started out as a part-time employee at a corporate GNC store in Lincoln, NE while going to college at the University of Nebraska. Soon after college, Eric and his wife Shelly opened their own specialty supplement store in Sioux Falls, SD and grew that business into 22 successful locations across ten states with the help of over 100 wonderful employees. After years of experience, there became a vision to create a better supplement brand with more value for the consumer. By carefully developing each product with the collaboration of experts and professionals across the country, TopTrainer was born.

    Eric is a father of two wonderful little girls and husband to Shelly since 2008. Now living in Austin, TX, he enjoys spending time with friends and family on the lake, exploring different gyms, hunting, fishing and cheering on his Nebraska Huskers!

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