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    8 Chest Exercises For Stronger Pecs and a Bigger Chest

    8 Chest Exercises For Stronger Pecs and a Bigger Chest

    A large chest is ideal for a man, and increasing your muscle mass can help you lose fat and look lean. With proper diet, exercise and rest, you can build enough chest muscle to fill out your shirts and enlarge your profile. However, even the best chest exercise will be ineffective without good form and consistency, so it's important to start slowly and warm up adequately before each session.

    Weight training is important for both building muscle and losing weight, but you'll need to approach it differently depending on your goals. To build muscle, you should lift enough weight so that you can complete no more than eight reps per set. The heavyweight will trigger anabolic hormones for muscle growth, and the low reps will minimize the calories you burn during your workout.

    Best Workouts for a Bigger Chest

    If you want a slimmer waist and better pectoral definition, keep reading to learn the best workout for bigger chest muscles.

    1. Dumbbell squeeze press

    The squeeze press engages the triceps and chest while targeting the inner part of the pectoral muscle and building definition over time. By working for several muscle groups at once, this compound workout triggers the production of testosterone and human growth hormone for fat loss and muscle growth.

    2. Dumbbell bench press

    The bench press is a classic workout that builds layers of muscle tissue on the chest and upper arms. The advantage of using dumbbells is that they engage all the tiny muscles surrounding the pectorals by forcing you to stabilize the weights throughout the movement. While these small muscles won't bulge out your dinner jackets, they contribute to a larger chest and accelerated fat loss.

    3. Dumbbell fly

    The dumbbell fly puts a maximum emphasis on the inner chest while giving your other muscles a rest. It's a great exercise for shaping your chest and adding definition to the centerline dividing your left and right pectoral muscles.

    4. Barbell bench press

    The barbell bench press should be the foundation of any chest workout as it engages several muscle groups with maximum resistance. While it won't engage all the tiny stabilizing muscles in your chest, it will enable you to lift heavier weights for a lower-rep workout.

    5. Close-grip bench press

    A close-grip press is like a barbell press but with a narrower grip on the bar. It targets your outer chest, front shoulders, and triceps. To do this exercise, simply do a barbell bench press with your hands about shoulder-width apart.

    6. Dip

    Dips target the lower portion of the chest, leading to larger pectoral muscles with better definition. To increase resistance for this exercise, wear a weighted vest or belt with enough weight so that you can do no more than eight reps per set.

    These six exercises will give you the best workout for bigger chest muscles and help you keep your body lean. To get the best results from each chest exercise, be sure to warm up and stay hydrated throughout your workout.

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