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    Top Ten Healthiest Fruits

    Top Ten Healthiest Fruits

    We have scoured through our sources and found not just the healthiest fruits, but those considered by nutrition experts to be “superfruits“. Best eaten fresh and in their natural form, these fruits provide tons of nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants to help you stay healthy and look great.


    A powerful antioxidant, these berries help prevent certain cancers and cardiovascular disease due to the polyphenols they contain, and just one cup gives you a third of your daily fiber needs.


    Thanks to their high levels of flavonoids, regularly incorporating blueberries into your diet will help your brain function and keep your memory sharp into old age. The manganese will also help your metabolism and keep your energy levels up.


    What to keep your skin looking young and wrinkle free? Start eating more cantaloupe. Rich in vitamin A, this superfruit assists with cell reproduction and will help keep you looking good.


    We can thank the antioxidant anthocyanin for the vibrant red color that we love and for the help reducing inflammation, cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

    Dragon Fruit

    Chock full of seeds containing essential fatty and oleic acids, this mild-tasting fruit will help regulate good and bad cholesterol. Common in Asia, its unique shape and color also makes it fun to eat.


    Problems with your digestion system? Try adding some kiwi to your diet. High in fiber and pre-biotic carbs, this deliciously sweet fruit tastes great in smoothies, cereals, and even as dessert.


    Full of vitamin C, A, and E, the “fruit of the angels,” according to Christopher Columbus, will help boost your immune system and protects against certain cancers and heart disease.


    If you are looking for something to fight bloating and aid in digestion, pineapple is the perfect fruit, thanks to the enzyme bromelain.


    This juicy little fruit contains chlorogenic acid, an antioxidant known to help reduce anxiety. So next time you are having a stressful day, skip the potato chips, ignore the sugar cravings and grab a plum instead.


    It’s easy to see why apples are such a popular fruit. Full of fiber and quercetin, which helps fight inflammation, apples are easy to find and carry around. Some experts also believe they may help fight heart disease and prevent or lessen allergic reactions.


    People often forget that avocados are indeed a fruit. Full of all the right fats, this heart-healthy food helps regulate your good cholesterol and aids in the absorption of other carotenoids.

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