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Torch System™

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(53 customer reviews)

The Top Trainer Torch System™ is a potent 1-2 punch for fat loss. This heavy-hitting weight loss system of Torch™ & Tighten™ attacks both the pounds and the inches for faster results.‡ The Torch System™ comes with a FREE Top Trainer pill box!

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Torch™ is an aggressive fat burner supplement with appetite control. Expect moderate, smooth energy while you are dropping the pounds with exercise, a healthy diet & Torch™!‡

Tighten™ - Toning Supplement

Tighten™, a premium toning supplement for both men & women, is designed to reduce stubborn fat areas around the stomach, waist, hips and thighs. This stimulant free product will help you lose weight by curbing the cravings and the urge to snack. So before you have some salt, then some sugar, take Tighten™! ‡

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Torch System™


Drop the Pounds & Lose the Inches fast!

Your Solution For:

Attacking Fat • Appetite Control • Smooth Energy • Toning




*CLA & L-Carnitine


TopTrainer’s Torch™ is an aggressive fat burning product with appetite control. Expect moderate, smooth energy while you are dropping the pounds with exercise, a healthy diet & Torch™!‡

Top Trainer’s Torch is:
• Gluten Free
• Dairy Free


Tighten™, for both men & women, is designed to reduce stubborn fat areas around the stomach, waist, hips and thighs. This stimulant free product will help you with cravings and the urge to snack. So before you have some salt, then some sugar, take Tighten™! ‡

TopTrainer’s Tighten is:
• Stimulant Free
• Dairy Free
• Gluten Free

Carb Shield

Carb Shield ™ works great with the Torch System ™  to help support weight loss and appetite control!‡

53 reviews for Torch System™

  1. Janet Cobb

    Love the Torch System. Perfect amount of energy and I’ve lost 22 POUNDS in a month in a half! Best product on the market for sure. You definitely need to try it!

  2. cathy L.

    I’ve been trying to do what most people are trying to do, which is shedding off pounds!!! I ordered this product and love the results I’m seeing!!! My body is carving out a bit better, and I love that it didn’t have any adverse effects (for me). It’s awesome to find a product like this, many weight loss supplements have some sort of stimulant that make you jumpy, shaky, and worst of all cause stomach pains/gas. The Torch System Is perfect for me!!!!! Thank you so much for this product!!!!!

  3. Troy Thompson

    Whoa this is by far the best weightless product I’ve taken. I nearly lost a pound a day and now at a total loss of 36 pounds!!! I will be taking this product until I reach my goal of 60 pounds! I will tell everyone about the torch system! AMAZING!!

  4. Devin Bassett

    We love the Torch system! It helps so much with my energy levels! It kicks me in gear to have a great workout and helping shed those last few post baby lbs!

  5. Tommy Vega

    This is simply the best fat burning product out there. If you want to lose weight, start this now.

  6. Carmine C.

    A+ products!!!

  7. Ted Raad

    Lost 2lbs my first 8 days! can’t wait to see if i make my goal weight!!!

  8. Narissa Avelji

    Amazing product! I have been struggling with weight loss since I was little and now I finally see results after I started using the torch system! I also workout regularly-basic exercises nothing major and I meal prep. This product makes me feel full so I don’t need to eat big meals or have seconds/thirds.

  9. Kim Miller

    I have lost 15lbs already in 1 month! Thank YOU TopTrainer!!!

  10. Caroline Meier

    Tried this and a new diet, lost 12 pounds and defined my arms. Pretty satisfied with the results

  11. Roger M.

    Will buy again

  12. Kathy Vega

    Best products on the market! I have lost 5 pounds in my first 2 weeks and can’t wait to see what the next 2 weeks have in store.

  13. Tammy Celton

    The torch gives me great energy and the tighten helps keep me toned. I love the combo of the two products and my results have been great! love it!

  14. Nathan Bell

    Works Great! I love this and it keeps my appetite at bay throughtout the day!

  15. heidi Richey

    Best fat burner out there!!!

  16. S. Stoil

    Great price for a 2 month supply! My girlfriend and I take these and are working out more and seeing great results. Super stoked and going to stick with it until we reach our goals..yay

  17. Cynthia Wallace

    Skeptical at first because of everything I tried. This works for me, helps me not feel as hungry and gives me the same feeling as a cup of coffee. Recommending this to all my friends.

  18. Jess Gerv

    lost 6 pounds

  19. Ralph P.

    Love the energy I have!

  20. Rebecca Smite

    My husband lost 68 pounds!!! He’s healthier than ever. Unbelievable stuff.

  21. Rick Williams

    Great value

  22. Justin W.

    Best I’ve tried yet

  23. Jen R.

    Love it

  24. Jessie Gervace

    Tried for the first time 3 months ago. Before and after pictures are crazy. Just ordered 2 more one for me and one for my mom.

  25. David Stewart

    Top Trainer has been a lifesaver for me! Weighing in at my heaviest weight of 265lbs to now weighing 187lbs is unbelievable over a 7 month period. I have tried so many products in the past but the Torch System along with Carb shield and Slim Smoothie was the only thing that worked for me! I found I wasn’t hungry and so I was eating better and once the weight started dropping, I added in exercise 2 days week, sometimes more. My most recent check-up had my doctor in shock at my transformation. My blood pressure went down and my stress levels are much much less. I have a little more to lose but motivated to try the muscle building stack next. Definitely a great company with amazing products.

  26. William Canton

    Impressed with ingredients.

  27. Fred Smoother

    I finally have a 6 pack thanks to the Torch system! YASSSSSS

  28. Kerri Lester

    Perfect combo

  29. Belinda Bloom

    Lost 4 pounds so far and just started it! Can’t wait to see my results in the next month! Wahoo

  30. patty Okenn

    I seriously can’t take any pills without getting sick and I tried my girlfriends torch system and I didn’t get sick! So I bought my own and love love love the torch system! I have lost 2 pant sizes and have the best energy and focus I’ve ever had! Love it!

  31. Robin S.

    Part of my daily routine now, wouldn’t go without.

  32. Paula T. Smith

    Losing about 2 pounds a week…after the first 2 weeks. Now my weight is falling off. I guess it took a bit to get into my system. Probably the best system I’ve ever been on. Definitely worth a shot.

  33. Jacob Lions

    Pants are loose and need belt now

  34. Justin E

    Own a gym and our members love this 2 pack. Can’t keep it in stock.

  35. T. Horn

    Can’t say anything negative-gave me great energy and helped me lose some weight

  36. Yoko Lawing

    I like the pills and pill case. They are great

  37. Ann Cople

    I feel like I don’t need coffee in the mornings anymore. So great

  38. Monica V.

    I asked some random girl at the bar how she looks so good and she said the Torch System from Top Trainer and walked away. I freaking ordered it from the bar and got it in a couple days. Let me say, I don’t look like that girl from the bar yet but I’m definitely on my way! 22 Pounds down!!! Try it!!!

  39. Nicole Po

    Lost 4 pounds so far and it’s been 2 weeks

  40. Rebecca Rondo

    Dont leave the house without it, energizes me throughout the day and curbs my appetite.

  41. Jeff C.

    Helped me shed some quarantine weight

  42. Leticia Figueroa

    Very impressed with my results! Down 16 pounds!

  43. Eduard Jaramillo

    My name is Eduard. And I am a personal trainer and I recommend this to all my clients. Toptrainer has an amazing range of products. Well done.

  44. Sheena Johan

    Like it alot

  45. Liana Kern

    Nailed this one! I have amazing energy & my pants are not fitting anymore which was my goal!

  46. Smith Jefferson

    Being quarantined has made me gain over 15 pounds of fat and eat like a pig. I bought this a month ago and having great SUCCESS and I stopped craving all the junk food and eating much healthier. Energy is smooth and I don’t crash like most stuff I’ve tried in the past. Definitely worth the purchase.

  47. Rachel Lee

    I like it. Take 1 of each in morning and lunch

  48. Nan Graves

    Pills work great for me and also my sister.

  49. Tanya Wickerson

    My trainer told me about these pills and they work great. I take only 1 set of each after lunch and it gives that afternoon boost I need instead of drinking coffee plus I like to workout after work. They have toned me up and I have less jiggle.

  50. Kathy Walker

    I take this system with the ELITE PRO CHOCOLATE AND LOVE THEM ALL. My 3 siblings and our parents are also also taking what I am and we are competing on who is the BIGGEST LOSER. Pretty fun and my Dad is currently in the lead at 57 pounds lost!

  51. Eduard Jaramillo

    Hello great product and helped me lose 14 pounds. Thanks

  52. Tina fraley

    Best product out there I’ve found. I tell my friends to stop overthinking how you lose weight and get the torch system now!

  53. Tina F

    Best product i’ve taken! Super impressed

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