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Top Trainer ElitePro contains grass fed whey protein. Whey is the foundation for anyone wanting to build lean muscle or burn fat. Grass Fed Whey Protein is the healthiest and highest quality whey protein available. Using ElitePro in your diet will protect your hard-earned muscle tissues and force your body to burn fat for energy. Use ElitePro as a quick breakfast, post workout or as a healthy snack.‡

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The Ultimate Performance Protein. Superior Quality. Superior Taste.

Your Solution For:

Building Lean Muscle • Recovery • Athletic Performance




*Servings may vary per flavor

Full Spectrum of BCAA's


rGBH Free

Gluten Free

Soy Free


Add 1-2 level scoops of ElitePro™ with 6-12 ounces of water or beverage of your choice.


‡ These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Need an extra boost?

Bring the intensity to your workouts and jumpstart your day with Attack™!  Now in three delicious flavors; Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch and Watermelon.

5 reviews for ElitePro™

  1. Lonnie Walters

    I have tried many, many protein / meal replacement drinks over the years and felt like I had to “settle” with all of them. Either they were clumpy, tasted horrible, were crazy expensive, or were not effective. I LOVE Elite Pro in Chocolate Milkshake. Each serving keeps me feeling full for about 4 hours, tastes absolutely delicious both with milk (breakfast) and water (lunch, for convenience), and blends beautifully and quickly in my blender cup. I have been buying it for several months and will keep buying it.

  2. Marco Vaccarella

    Amazing protein from Top Trainer! Tastes great, mixes easy and delivers amazing results! Highly recommend!

  3. Jennifer Roberts

    YUMMY!!! I cannot believe this is Grass-Fed Whey tasting this good and at such a good price. Plus there is so many servings it lasts me a very long time. And since I’m a bodybuilder trust me I drink at least 2 a day! My favorite is the Chocolate Peanut Butter. Also birthday cake comes in handy as a yummy dessert replacement. I don’t even need to use almond milk. Tastes great with just water!

  4. K.O. O’Brian

    This protein powder rocks my world, y’all. Every little tastebud on my tongue sings a little lullaby when I drink it. It’s THE best tasting protein powder I have EVER had. I mix this heavenly powder up in my blender and make myself a shake after my workouts. I’ve tried every single flavor and I love every. single. one. I bet if aliens came to earth the only thing they’d want is this recipe. Buy it. Just click the freakin button and buy it.

  5. Kathy Walker

    I take this with the Torch and Tighten and LOVE THEM ALL!!! I have my 3 siblings and parents on them all now and we are competing on who is the BIGGEST LOSER. Pretty fun and my Dad is currently in the lead at 57 pounds lost! I almost have a 6 pack again and after 4 children:) This protein taste unreal and mixes perfectly. 5 stars!

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